60 Gallon Tank Sep 26, 2011

I decided to remove some of the Frag racks from the tank and go for a more natural approach. I also had a bit of a hair algae problem it became difficult to remove it from the frag racks. The tank has become easier to clean. I also put in a smaller return pump with lower wattage.

60 Gallon Frag Tank

I built this tank to house some of my extra coral from my 90 gallon tank. Some coral just seems to be happier in this tank. LPS is very happy in this tank. Dimensions are 48x24x12. I also put a lot of the extra rocks from my 90 gallon into this tank. Now I just need to figure out a way to get rid of this coral.

90 March 30, 2011

In this update I changed a significant amount of things in the tank. I removed half of the rock in the tank. I wasn't getting enough flow and I had to remove soft corals that were becoming a problem in my tank. Xenia, Start Polyps and mushrooms were encrusting over my SPS. I also wanted to create more flow and space for the fish. The fish seemed to be happy immediatly. 

90 Reef Oct. 4 2010
90 Gallon Reef Tank Jan. 13, 2009

90 gallon Reef Tank with Wet/dry filter, T5 current nova extreme pro and aqua c 180 skimmer. Current bulb combination from front to back is 4 Blue+, 50/50 White, and a GE 6500k.

90 Gallon Reef Tank Oct. 2009

90 Gallon after I moved everything over from the 75 gallon tank. It's interesting for me to see the tank growth over time.

75 Gallon Reef Tank Sept. 2009

This is my first video I created. I regret not having video of my 20 gallon when I started out.

Bristle Worm Spawning

My brother noticed a huge cloud in the tank one day. I saw an absolutely enormous bristle worm slithering around a rock and spawning. Although I realize I must have a healthy population of worms in my tank I haven't had any problems with them so far other than stinging my finger. If you accidently touch a bristle worm it will leave tons of small fiberglass like splinters in your finger.