Ecoxotic 48" Stunner Strip light Review

I thought I would try out the stunner strips over my shallow tank. . I attached the stunner over with velcro tape on the end of my T5 light. Although it comes with 3m tape I decided to use velcro in case I wanted to remove it later.

Overall I'm really impressed with the look of the lights. I'm not really sure if they provide much light for growth, but they do make the tank look cool when the lights are out. the blue/Magenta look creates a pink shimmer over my LPS corals.

Overall I am happy the the light. If my t5 lights are on I can barely tell when I turn the stunner on and off, which means it must not be very powerful.

Having said that it is pretty bright when my t5 bulbs are turned off. One 48" stunner covers about 12" spread with the reflectors.

I did test the light with and without reflectors against the well and there was a big difference  in how the light is focused. There is a lot less light spillage with the reflectors on. 

The pictures are with the stunner on and the main lights are off. The lights in the room are turned off.