Florida Keys Snorkling and Fishing Trip

I'm back from a fishing trip to the Florida Keys. It was an amazing vacation and I was surprised by the amount to ocean life there. For the most part we went fishing on our trip, but I did get a chance to snorkel a few Reefs.  I saw plenty of huge SPS colonies, fans, and gorgian coral. We also caught a few Puffer fish and some huge trigger fish. The image to the right is a picture of a Seahorse that a Snapper coughed up after we caught him. Partially digested with a few pieces of shrimp on it!


While reeling in this Snapper a huge barracuda swam up and sliced it in half before I could get it in. This happened quite often during the trip while fishing for Snapper. Generally the cudas just cut the line and got a free meal before we had a chance to get the fish in.