Vortech MP 10

I was lucky enough to find this pump used. I have the original model, but it still has most of the features. I was using a Hydor Koralia 3 and wasn't happy with the flow on my frag tank. This pump is awesome and fun to mess with the settings. The varied flow allow me to see my coral from the top of the tank. Before the koralia created too much constant flow to allow me to see anything on the surface of the water.

Highly recommended pump...worth every penny!

These are the specs for the new model. I think it's hard to find these pumps used, because of their quality.

Operational Modes
Constant Speed Mode - Pump runs continuously at a constant speed which can be set by the user.

EcoSmart Nutrient Transport Mode (NTM) - A two phase program to promote maximum health and nutrient export, as well as increased growth for corals. Alternates between a resonant standing wave and a surge effect to stir up and export nutrients.

EcoSmart Tidal Swell Mode (TSM) - Creates a harmonic balance in your aquarium reminiscent of the changing flow conditions that would be found in nature. Flow varies from left to right, right to left, calm, and ends with a great surge.

Reef Crest Random Mode - Reef Crest Random Mode simulates the high-energy conditions of a natural reef crest environment.

Lagoonal Random Mode - Simulates the gentler reef zone found in a natural lagoon.

Short Pulse Mode - Allows for wave pulse timings between 0.3 and two seconds, enabling the creation of FAST alternating flow throughout the tank. Use this mode to create a resonant standing wave.

Long Pulse Mode - Allows for wave pulse timings of between 2 seconds and 60 seconds, enabling the creation of slow alternating flow throughout the tank.

Feed Mode - Slows down pump to allow user to feed aquarium. User can select the duration and speed for Feed Mode.

Night Mode - Automatically reduce speed and operates continuously at that speed for a period of time during the night. User can select the duration and speed for Night Mode.

Battery Backup Mode - When used with our battery backup accessory, the VorTech pump will switch to Battery Backup Mode in the event of a power outage and will operate at a user set speed. The LED’s on your EcoSmart driver will count down to indicate how much power is available within the battery.

Auto-Dim - LED’s are turned off and display knob dimmed significantly, but pump functions in its current mode. User can program how long after use before the driver enters Auto-Dim.

On/Off Switch - Tap the on/off switch to turn off and turn on a pump. Hold this button to turn off all pumps in a master/slave group. Tap any pump in the groups’ on/off switch and that pump will turn back on.



- the dry side of the pump started making a lot of noise, so I went back to my Koralia 3. The koralia 3 is silent compared to the vortech. At the end of the day the vortech was a better pump, but it's shot. It will cost my over a $100 to buy a new dry side. I plan on buying one in the future, but right now I will wait.